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"Being a member of the AADS has given me the opportunity to rub shoulders with peers and representatives from all corners of our industry. The invaluable knowledge and friendships gained have helped our business grow."
John Jamieson, Diesel Care


We are delighted to welcome the announcement of a forthcoming Mandatory Data Sharing Law for automotive repair and service.

This announcement is the culmination of tireless work to push for Government action to address this important competition issue. It shows the remarkable ability of our industry to put competitive rivalries aside and work together to achieve a positive outcome.

Assistant Treasurer Hon. Michael Sukkar has announced in the letter linked below that he will progress mandatory data sharing scheme to primary legislation in the form of a Mandatory Data Sharing Law for the sharing of vehicle service and repair information on fair and reasonable commercial terms.

This new Law will provide greater certainty for the sector and promises a robust dispute resolution process. It will level the playing field in the industry and allow consumers to have their vehicle safely repaired by the repairer of their choice.

What happens next? Well we have much still to do.  Treasury is drafting the law and we need to make sure it does what we need – force the car companies to make information available and penalise those that do not play by the rules.  We need to have an industry body that monitors the law, resolves disputes and recommends serious enforcement action if any car companies think that they are above the law. 

For now we have a Government commitment to create and introduce this Law – that’s huge and we should celebrate the wins along the way.  I want to thank everyone again for this incredible achievement. 

As always, I encourage anyone to contact us at or 03 9545 3333 if you want to add in any comments or express any concerns.

This is an absolute priority for the AAAA and we will not stop until we see this law in place.

I wish everyone the best in the lead up to Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season. We will keep you updated in the New Year.

Kind Regards,

Stuart Charity

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

Turbocharger Specific News

Spring 2015

New releases of International EPA 2010 MaxxForce 7, DT, 9, & 10 Turbos

BorgWarner announced the release of EPA 2010 MaxxForce 7, DT, 9, & 10 turbos at this year's Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS) International Convention and Tradeshow in San Antonio, Texas. The EPA 2010 MaxxForce releases are all regulated two stage turbo systems replacing single stage VTG systems from the EPA 2007 engines. BorgWarner is offering the individual high pressure and low pressure stages along with the cartridge assemblies and in some cases supercore assemblies (cartridge

assembly plus compressor cover) as service options.

 "Engineered to improve fuel economy, emissions and performance, BorgWarner turbochargers offer important advantages for today's commercial diesel vehicle industry," said Frédéric Lissalde, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Turbo Systems. "BorgWarner turbochargers have built a solid track record for performance, quality and reliability."

Audi's move to e-charger could boost Valeo, Honeywell, BorgWarner

The Audi RS 5 TDI concept (shown) has an electrically driven compressor from Valeo (see red area of inset) that when combined with a 48-volt system can push rpms to 72,000 within 200 milliseconds. Read more

Written by Michael Burkinshaw, Senior Tribologist, Materials Engineering

Novel Solutions for Materials Engineering

Increased demands are being placed upon turbochargers as a result of ever more stringent emissions regulations, a necessity for improved product performance and reliability and a requirement for a wider product operating range. Consequently, a greater level of stress is placed upon the materials from which turbochargers are manufactured. In order to achieve all of the necessary legislation and customer requirements, novel solutions to materials engineering

challenges are being developed.

Two such challenges faced by the turbocharger industry are high temperature tribology and the corrosion and erosion environment generated by long route exhaust gas recirculation (LR EGR). Cummins Turbo Technologies has developed innovative materials engineering solutions using surface treatments applied to cost effective substrates, rather than utilising much more expensive, exotic alloys. Read More


BorgWarner's expanded line of AirWerks® series turbochargers--

Including two new S200SX-E and five new S300SX-E super core configurations ( CHRA + comp cover ) are now available at authorized performance turbocharger distributors.

The new SX-E models include Forged Milled compressor Wheels, 360° 6 pad thrust bearings, extended tip technology, and optimized compressor stage aerodynamics to deliver more power than ever before from the S200 and S300 frame sizes.

The newly designed compressor covers also offer the speed sensor ports for both the S200SX-E and S300SX-E and available V-Band connections on the S300SX-E model.

May 2015

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. News                                           

2015/05/13 Issued vol.1892

Tokyo, May 13, 2015 - On May 12 (EST) a ceremony was held at a turbocharger manufacturing plant newly established by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) in the U.S., in the city of Franklin in Indiana state, to mark the commencement of full-scale production. The launch of production at the new base is MHI's response to anticipated growth in demand for turbochargers in the North American market amid the trend toward vehicles meeting increasingly tighter fuel efficiency standards. With the start of full-scale production at the new U.S. plant MHI has now completed its worldwide production base structure for final assembly of turbochargers, targeting an annual global production capacity of 10 million units.

Click here for details

Development of the "hybrid turbo," an electrically assisted turbocharger
Seiichi Ibaraki, Yukio Yamashita, Kunio Sumida, Hiroshi Ogita, Yasuaki Jinnai
If automotive engines are to achieve better environmental properties and drivability, they must be equipped with more advanced systems for operation control. Electrical operation systems are now being incorporated in engine designs for this purpose. The "hybrid turbo" is an electrically assisted turbocharger with a high-speed motor generator built in. When operating in the low-speed engine mode, the hybrid turbo can achieve better combustion, purer exhaust gas, improved torque response, and torque enhancements with motor assistance. In the high-speed engine mode, it can operate with very high efficiency by achieving regeneration of electric power in excess of the exhaust gas energy. For these reasons, the electrically assisted turbocharger is expected to be adopted as the turbocharger of the future. In recent engine tests, a new hybrid turbo developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has been proven to operate with improved engine torque and enhanced response compared to a conventional turbocharger. The effectiveness of this hybrid turbo has thus been confirmed.

April 2015

Honeywell Showcases Aftermarket Turbo Portfolio For North American Market At The Inaugural Automechanika USA

Honeywell(NYSE:HON) Turbo Technologies, a leading global automotive technology and original equipment provider, is highlighting its Garrett aftermarket passenger vehicle turbos which are built to the same exacting standards of the original equipment specifications.

In working with nearly every major global auto maker, Honeywell has amassed more than 60 years of turbocharging innovations and continues to launch about 100 applications a year globally. This type of collaboration with auto makers which begins years before a specific engine reaches the market helps ensure consumers are getting the quality and reliability of a genuine aftermarket replacement part.

Honeywell continues to emphasize the inherent benefits of its "Buy Genuine" educational campaign outlining the true value of original equipment quality and safety aftermarket turbochargers.

"With ever increasing turbo proliferation in the United States, Honeywell aims to satisfy the highest standards of safety while providing a range of aftermarket performance products meeting the needs of a diverse customer base," said Olivier Rabiller, Honeywell Transportation Systems vice president and general manager, Business Development, High Growth Regions and Aftermarket. "Not only are we bringing the same Honeywell technology desired for new car production available to the aftermarket, but we remain a leading turbo supplier already engaged with auto makers on providing the technology solutions for today's advanced powertrain systems."

Key Honeywell turbos at Automechanika include products from several different manufacturers and span both diesel and gasoline applications. A recognized leader in turbodiesel development in Europe for decades, Honeywell has also been equipping many new gasoline applications in the United States including the 1.4L MultiAir on the Dodge Dart and 3.5L EcoBoost engines found on a number of Ford products. Honeywell is also the provider of turbos for popular diesel truck configurations including the Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, and Ram 1500 / Jeep Grand Cherokee. Garages and mechanics who fail to use high quality original Honeywell turbochargers and instead install copy or counterfeit turbos run the risk of poor performance, higher fuel consumption, and increased emissions for their customers.

More information can be found on Honeywell's Garrett Aftermarket web site. This highly interactive and informative website has recently been updated based upon customer feedback to improve navigation and search functionality, product news and images, visual installation guides and additional language support.

November 2014

Cummins Shows Turbine Design for 2016 Nissan Titan Diesel Engine
"When the Nissan Titan debuts in Detroit with its new 550 lb-ft diesel engine, it will feature high power output in no small measure thanks to the innovative new turbine design Cummins has created for the powerplant."  

Counterfeit product sales on social media websites. Be aware of non genuine Garrett Turbochargers (and no doubt other brands) being advertised on websites such as Facebook. These social media websites are not designed to be an online sales site and you have no protection against counterfeit goods. Visit our AADS Facebook page for a local example

October 2014

Schwitzer Aftermarketby Vern Beecher

It has been over forty years since Schwitzer, Inc. entered the turbocharger aftermarket. Up until this time customers requiring replacement turbochargers had no choice but return to the OE dealer for turbocharger service. The products Schwitzer offered to the first aftermarket dealers were Turbochargers, Turboconveyor un-loaders, Turbo Cartridges, Thermatic Fan Drives, Superchargers, Air Starting Motors & Industrial Air Pumps. In mid 1972, Bob Hansen, Schwitzer's first aftermarket sales Manager began contracting "Field Sales Dealers". The first territory field sales managers were Ken Rohm, Larry Smith, Nate Streitmatter and later on Jim Harper & Art Stafford.   The first dealer signed was Turbo Diesel Components which today is Turbo & Diesel Injection, Indianapolis, IN. As is today many of the first Schwitzer dealers were ADS members who were already servicing Fuel Pumps and Injectors so getting into the turbocharger business was a great opportunity to grow their business. Some of the first dealers were Superior Diesel, Charleston,SC., Virginia Diesel, Richmond, VA, Area Diesel, Carlinville, IL., Fuel Systems, Brookfield, WI,  Diesel Injection & Electric, College Park, GA,  J & H Turbo, Greenville, MS,  with others to follow.  The field sales dealers input to Schwitzer were a valuable tool to build on marketing their products to the aftermarket. In those early days Schwitzer only supplied complete assemblies as field rebuilding was looked on as to risky. At that time Schwitzer product catalogs began as a work in progress and the first edition did not contain bills of material breakdown information.  Companies supplying affordable wheel balancing equipment did not exist as well as other tooling and fixtures  that are common in today's rebuilding facilities. However, after several distributor council meeting Schwitzer began selling major piece parts and by 1976 released turbocharger overhaul kits to the aftermarket.

On September 22, 1973 Bob Hansen gave the first turbocharger presentation at the ADS convention in Honolulu, Hawaii titled "The Past, Present and Future of the Turbocharger as Applied to the Diesel Engine". The title itself implies how far we have come since those early days of the Turbocharger aftermarket. In the 1960's Farm Tractors produced contained gas engines or naturally aspirated diesel engines. In the mid 1960's an aftermarket company M & W Gear lead the way by producing turbocharger kits and applying turbochargers to many agriculture tractor manufactured by Deere, International, Case and Allis Chalmers. History repeats in the 80's early 90's when ATS & Banks Engineering  lead the way producing turbocharger kits for the light pickup truck market  for Ford 6.9, 7.3 & GM 6.2, 6.5 engines.

Currently  fixed geometry turbochargers  are being pushed aside to meet emission standards and we have entered a new era in turbocharger aftermarket.  The variable geometry turbo age is here and many of the early  day struggles are repeating, such as convincing turbocharger manufactuer  to release product,  diagnostic equipment and sharing information with the aftermarket dealers. As the saying goes the more things changes the more they stay the same.  

About the author:

Vern began working for Schwitzer after completing military service in 1969.  He worked at Schwitzer's Indianapolis, Elwood, IN and Asheville North Carolina facilities in the turbo re-manufacturing-

aftermarket distribution operation his entire 23 years at Schwitzer.  In 1992 he joined Turboair as the General Manager of the Charlotte, NC operation.  In 1995 accepted the position of General Manager

of Turbo & Diesel Injection, Indianapolis, Indiana where he works today. Vern is also a founding member of the Turbocharger Committee.

The Holset E-Tool is coming...

At the ADS Convention and Tradeshow this year, Cummins Turbo Technologies showcased the new Holset E-Tool, a fault finding analysis tool designed to work with Holset VGT™ Electric Actuators, which is being launched to the North American market later this year.

The E-Tool performs physical checks and diagnostics on the turbocharger and installs and calibrates new actuators to the turbocharger either on or off the engine. If an engine warning light indicates a possible turbocharger fault, the Holset E-Tool can be used to perform tests to help identify the root cause of the failure. The first tests should be conducted on the complete turbocharger assembly. Then if required the actuator can be dismounted to isolate the components from each other to confirm if the defect originates from either VGT turbocharger mechanism or actuator.

Throughout the ADS tradeshow there were live demonstrations of the Holset E-Tool performing physical checks and diagnostics on the turbocharger. The Holset E-Tool checks include; Check Span Test, which measures the VGT mechanism range; Temperature Test, which provides a log of the temperatures over the life-span of the actuator; Hysteresis Test, which checks for internal resistance within the system; and Learn Test, which performs a sweep of the turbocharger's mechanism range to establish and record the position of the mechanical travel stops. This is the key stage in calibrating the actuator to the turbocharger - the Install function should be run, which incorporates both the Learn Test and the Check Span Test to calibrate the actuator and ensure there are no internal interferences.

The E-Tool will be available for Authorised Holset Distributors to purchase later this year. With the launch of the Holset E-Tool, actuator and short turbo kits will be made available which give distributors the option to offer lower cost repairs to customers.

For further information on how to purchase the Holset E-Tool, Authorised Holset Distributors should visit the Partner Zone:

April 2014

Garrett by Honeywell Electronic Actuators


The REA (Rotary Electronic Actuator) and SREA (Simple Rotary Electronic Actuator) fitted to many VNT ® turbos are complex, highly intricate controllers of the variable vane movement.
To ensure accuracy, each electronic actuator is carefully calibrated with the engine in order to achieve exactly the required turbo vane movement. This ensures that the correct power, torque, emissions and fuel economy targets are achieved, not only when the vehicle is new, but also over the life-cycle of the engine and vehicle components.

Unique Calibration

This calibration is the final process in turbocharger assembly and is replicated on every turbo, using a computer controlled turbine flow-bench. As such, the calibration settings remain unique to each turbo.

Here are just a few of the questions we are frequently asked about our electronic actuators:

Q. Are the electronic actuators interchangeable?
A. No. Firstly, there are many variants of REA and SREA – even though they may all look almost the same! Secondly, REA & SREA should never be interchanged from one turbo to another, even when from the same turbo part number….in fact just loosening the three actuator retaining bolts will take the calibration outside of specification. This may lead to conflicts with the engine management system or put the vehicle into low power/safety mode.
Q. What about changing a damaged actuator cap?
A. Unfortunately, these parts are not service-replaceable. Again, there are many different versions of the cap (or cover assembly) that look the same externally. Also, for the reasons outlined above, each turbo is calibrated individually and this very precise process means that the electronics contained within in each cap are programmed specifically for that unit.
Q. Is every turbo tested to OEM specification?
A. The results of every calibration are recorded against the serial number of the turbo, which gives the buyer of genuine Garrett by Honeywell VNT® REA/SREA turbos the confidence to know that the turbo has been tested and will perform to OEM specifications.

Honeywell Boosts 6 Of Last 8 European Car Of The Year Award Winners


In addition to supplying turbos to Scuderia Ferrari for the 2014 F1 season, the recently announced 2014 European Car of the Year, the Peugeot 308, also comes equipped with a Honeywell turbocharger. In fact, six of the past eight winning vehicles have been boosted by Honeywell, with the only two exceptions being vehicles with no turbo at all. These developments cap off an exciting first quarter for Honeywell Transportation Systems in Europe, including an announcement at the Geneva Auto Show to launch 100 new turbo applications in 2014, including the Fiat 500L.

2014 is shaping up to be quite the year for  Honeywell Turbo Technologies, and Garrett brand in Aftermarket business. 

March 2014

Honeywell to Provide Turbos to Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1

New downsized 1.6L engine provides equivalent power of a 16L commercial engine

ROLLE, Switzerland, March 5, 2014 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Turbo Technologies will boost the engines of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 car in 2014. Formula 1 is adopting a new rules package that requires cars to be turbocharged marking a new technical era for the pinnacle of global motorsport racing.

Honeywell  will support the Scuderia Ferrari team with the unique technical challenge of moving to an all-new turbocharged 1.6L V6 engine from a 2.4L naturally-aspirated V8 configuration used from 2006 through 2013. This downsized 1.6L engine will produce the equivalent power of a production Honeywell turbocharged 16L commercial vehicle engine. The new downsized turbo engines are also designed with the latest in energy recovery technology to support other systems in the race car.

“To win in Formula 1, our powertrain system must have no weak links,” said Luca Marmorini, Scuderia Ferrari Engine and Electronics Director. “To ensure that, we choose partners with impeccable reputations and experience in delivering innovative, high quality products and services.  Honeywell’s turbochargers helped us find the downsizing solutions we needed to meet the new rules without compromising the performance.”

As Formula 1 adopts global passenger car trends for downsizing and turbocharging to improve fuel economy and emissions without sacrificing driving performance, its 2014 engine formula represents an exciting look at specific technologies – including in the area of heat energy recovery — which could shape more advanced passenger vehicles in the years to come.  “We are very excited to be collaborating with the most successful team in the history of Formula 1 on what is an extremely challenging new rules package which brings turbocharging to the forefront of this motor racing series once again,” said Honeywell Vice President of Advanced Technologies and Motorsport Gavin Donkin. “Honeywell has a 60-year legacy of developing turbocharger technology leveraging our jet engines business within Honeywell. It continues to be a tangible point of differentiation for Honeywell Turbo to the point where we’ve joked with Scuderia Ferrari that given the sophistication of the turbos we are providing, that many of us consider them to be our lowest altitude aerospace customer.”

Honeywell continues to be a leader in global turbo technology averaging 100 new turbo launches a year for global passenger and commercial vehicle applications in partnership with nearly every major global auto maker. In addition, Honeywell is supporting the industry with hundreds of applications already in its development pipeline. 

Media Contacts:
Mike Stoller 
Honeywell Transportation Systems

Jan 2014

Automotive Turbocharger Reports

2013 Deep Research Report on Global and China Turbocharger Industry

The 2013 Deep Research Report on Global and China Turbocharger Industry is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Turbocharger industry in Global and China. The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, applications and industry chain structure. Global market analysis and Chinese domestic market analysis are provided with a focus on history, developments, trends and competitive landscape of the market. A comparison between the international and Chinese situation is also offered.


The 2013-2018 World Outlook for Automotive Turbochargers

This econometric study covers the world outlook for automotive turbochargers across more than 200 countries. For each year reported, estimates are given for the latent demand, or potential industry earnings (P.I.E.), for the country in question (in millions of U.S. dollars), the percent share the country is of the region and of the globe. These comparative benchmarks allow the reader to quickly gauge a country vis-à-vis others. Using econometric models which project fundamental economic dynamics within each country and across countries, latent demand estimates are created.

The 2013-2018 Outlook for Automotive Turbochargers in Africa

This econometric study covers the outlook for automotive turbochargers in Africa. For each year reported, estimates are given for the latent demand, or potential industry earnings (P.I.E.), for the country in question (in millions of U.S. dollars), the percent share the country is of the region and of the globe. These comparative benchmarks allow the reader to quickly gauge a country vis-à-vis others. Using econometric models which project fundamental economic dynamics within each country and across countries, latent demand estimates are created. 

Dec 2013

BorgWarner EFR Turbochargers - Courtesy of ADS 

Borg Warner's EFR (engineered for racing) turbocharger line is the "pinnacle of what can be done with the current state of the art while maintaining affordability." Brock Fraser

Brock Fraser is the Chief Engineer & Team Leader of the EFR project for BorgWarner Turbo Systems.  In his forward to the EFR Turbocharger Technical Training Guide, Mr. Fraser describes the project vision and the process of development.  

"The first thing worth explaining is the strong connection between this exciting line of aftermarket turbos and our OEM commercial vehicle products.  Commercial/industrial turbo products have extreme requirements for durability, reliability, and aerodynamics performance.  Turbo sizing for the performance user more resembles what's in the commercial realm as compared to what comes from our OE passenger car developments.  Also required is resistance to abusive thrust loads, vibration, and robustness for a wide range of lubrication and cooling conditions.  Our OE product validation standards are very tough, and many of these same practices were employed during the development of the EFR products.

Honeywell at Dresden Supercharging Conference 2013  


For Honeywell, 2013 marks another year of strong showing at this key industry symposium devoted to turbocharging - Honeywell engineers are presenting or co-presenting four papers on new turbo technologies covering diesel and gasoline Light Vehicles as well as medium- and heavy-duty Commercial Vehicles.

"These papers show that Honeywell is committed to helping deliver advanced performance, fuel economy and reliability all the way - from the component to the powertrain level," says Peter Davies, Director of Performance and Systems Engineering at Honeywell Turbo Technologies.Click here to read more
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Diesel Torque advertising rate card (Click Here for PDF). If you would like to advertise in Diesel Torque please email us with the details or any questions.

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