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"Being a member of the AADS has given me the opportunity to rub shoulders with peers and representatives from all corners of our industry. The invaluable knowledge and friendships gained have helped our business grow."
John Jamieson, Diesel Care

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US-based Company being fined $850.000.00 and Interesting Developments

An interesting article on a US-based Company being fined $850.000.00 for selling and installing emission delete devices.

Really interesting developments. The rumours are that the Australian and New Zealand Governments are looking at some form of legislation around performance modifications to ECU, DPF, and any other emission controls.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

We are delighted to welcome the announcement of a forthcoming Mandatory Data Sharing Law for automotive repair and service.

This announcement is the culmination of tireless work to push for Government action to address this important competition issue. It shows the remarkable ability of our industry to put competitive rivalries aside and work together to achieve a positive outcome.

Assistant Treasurer Hon. Michael Sukkar has announced in the letter linked below that he will progress mandatory data sharing scheme to primary legislation in the form of a Mandatory Data Sharing Law for the sharing of vehicle service and repair information on fair and reasonable commercial terms.

This new Law will provide greater certainty for the sector and promises a robust dispute resolution process. It will level the playing field in the industry and allow consumers to have their vehicle safely repaired by the repairer of their choice.

What happens next? Well we have much still to do.  Treasury is drafting the law and we need to make sure it does what we need – force the car companies to make information available and penalise those that do not play by the rules.  We need to have an industry body that monitors the law, resolves disputes and recommends serious enforcement action if any car companies think that they are above the law. 

For now we have a Government commitment to create and introduce this Law – that’s huge and we should celebrate the wins along the way.  I want to thank everyone again for this incredible achievement. 

As always, I encourage anyone to contact us at or 03 9545 3333 if you want to add in any comments or express any concerns.

This is an absolute priority for the AAAA and we will not stop until we see this law in place.

I wish everyone the best in the lead up to Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season. We will keep you updated in the New Year

Kind Regards,

Stuart Charity



Diesel Torque Advertising Rate Card

Diesel Torque advertising rate card (Click Here for PDF). If you would like to advertise in Diesel Torque please email us with the details or any questions.

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