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Diesel Torque advertising rate card. Diesel Torque advertising rate card (Click Here for PDF). If you would like to advertise in Diesel Torque please email us with the details or any questions.


"Being a member of the AADS has given me the opportunity to rub shoulders with peers and representatives from all corners of our industry. The invaluable knowledge and friendships gained have helped our business grow."
John Jamieson, Diesel Care

Event Photos to come
Event Photos to come

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Paul Corbett, Product Support Engineer and Technical Trainer - AECS

After 3 years at Motor Vehicle College in the UK I joined Ford as an automotive electrician in 1991 and proceeded through their main dealer training scheme before moving to Peugeot at a main dealer workshop.

Since my earliest memories I have been a fan of all forms of motorsport so it felt like a natural progression that in 1997 I joined Ray Mallock Ltd (RML) who were the engineering team behind Nissan's 98/99 championship winning Nissan Primera Super Touring Car program and then onto the very successful Saleen Mustang S7 Le Mans GT car project. At RML I mastered the specialist art of motorsport electrical system design and was trained to build military specification wiring harnesses for use in motorsport. At RML we went on to design and build the Vauxhall Astra Group ‘A’ Rally car in 2000 and Ferrari 348 GT car project.

After RML I joined the Arrows Formula 1 team as race team electrician and after the demise of Arrows moved onto the Hyundai World Rally Team and then the Subaru WRC team.

In 2004 I received a call asking me if would consider working for the Williams F1 team, I didn’t have to think very hard, so for the last 8 years of my life in the UK I was lucky enough to work for Williams F1 as Race/Test Team electrician.

The important thing about motorsport is knowing when to stop as it is VERY addictive but, does not lend itself to family life so when I started a family I made the conscious decision that it was time to stop and after marrying a kiwi it made total sense that we would eventually move to NZ. Still my favourite country in the world! I moved to NZ with my family at the end of 2011 to work for AECS Ltd based in the sunny Hawkes Bay as a product support engineer and technical trainer.

Diesel Torque Advertising Rate Card

Diesel Torque advertising rate card (Click Here for PDF). If you would like to advertise in Diesel Torque please email us with the details or any questions.

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    The Association of Australasian Diesel Specialists represents the particular interests and expertise of businesses and individuals operating in the diesel community within the Australasian area, particularly Australia and New Zealand.

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